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Mental Health Matters

Upskilling is essential for mental health professionals. Modern life is complex, and our bespoke courses, consultancy & CPD will help you to stay one step ahead. Unlike other tutors and schools, we aren’t here to just read an outdated text book at you. Our courses are crafted specifically for mental health professionals from counsellors and therapists to social workers and mental health nurses. They reflect the realities of modern mental health and allow you to learn in way that fits around you as an individual.

Our Top Courses

Screenshot of the Diploma in online and distance therapy and counselling

Diploma in Online and Distance Counselling

This 80 hour in depth Diploma will enable you to hold your sessions online or over the phone in an ethical, competent and knowledgeable way. You will learn about the therapeutic, legal, technical, contractual and ethical aspects of this specialist work.

Self Care for Mental Health Professionals

This CPD offers 2 hours of learning for mental health professionals looking to improve their own self care skills. It balances academic research with simple, helpful tips to make a meaningful difference to your own wellbeing. 

Mental Health Wellbeing CPD Screenshot
historian researcher wellbeing course

Introduction to Historical Researcher Wellbeing

The emotional and psychological impact of research can be life changing. Our introductory course for researchers outlines the risks present in sensitive and challenging research projects, as well as the actions that can be taken to help mitigate these. 

Our Values

Our Values make us who we are (and we like to think we do things a little differently). Find out how these shape our training, our work and what we have in common.

What Our Students Say…

Obviously we think we have a lot to offer – luckily though, you don’t just need to take our word for it. 

I felt that the course was well designed and thorough and provided what I had hoped to gain. The additional reading and resources were evidence that the material had been well researched and I felt confident that the people who designed the course knew what they were doing! It was a convenient and enjoyable experience that fitted in well with my professional development needs as well as with my work and other commitments.



Counsellor MBACP (Accred)

I’m really glad I’ve taken this course. I feel it is good value CPD. The subject matter could have been dry but I feel the materials made it interesting and easy to engage with. The variety of mediums used was great and the written element was just enough to ensure full engagement without being too arduous. I like the fact I could dip in and out to suit my timetable and a year feels like a realistic time to get everything done. Thank-you!



Counsellor MBACP (Accred)

With 30 years experience as a therapist but only 6 months online due to Covid-19, I gained a huge amount from participating in the Diploma and thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting a high quality, substantial training in distance counselling.

The Diploma in Online and Distance Therapy is perfect for any Counsellor or Psychotherapist who wants to deepen their understanding of distance therapy


Counsellor MBACP (Senior Accred), UKCP Registered


Our blog is packed full of free resources and tools (with topics ranging from anxiety, depression through to the latest clinical health research and mental health apps). Look out for new training and CPD announcements here too.


Wellbeing Guidelines University of Bristol

Protecting the Wellbeing of Researchers

Can low cost peer support help to mitigate the risks of working with emotionally challenging research materials? We worked with Bristol University to help them find out. Read about the experiences of those involved.

Wellbeing Guidelines University of Bristol

The Cost of Bearing Witness - New Guidelines Released for Researcher Wellbeing

We have collaborated with the University of Bristol to create new guidelines for researchers working on sensitive topics to help protect their mental health and wellbeing.

An NHS information booklet - source of reliable and trustworthy covid advice

3 Top Tips to Fight Covid Misinformation & its Mental Health Impact

Covid anxiety is difficult enough, let alone with the risks of misinformation and malinformation. Learn techniques to counter fake news for both yourself and your clients. Our media literacy is more important than ever.

Why We No Longer Use The ‘C’ Word When Talking About Suicide

The language we use around Mental Health is important, this is especially true when exploring a subject as important as suicide. In this post we explore how our literacy around the topic of suicide is changing and why we don’t say “committing suicide” anymore and what we can say instead.

weighted blanket in use for mental health, sleep anxiety

Weighted Blankets - The Science of how they work

If you believe all the claims, weighted blankets can help with a huge range of mental health concerns from anxiety and depression to insomnia or even autism. We examine the science behind their use, which blanket to use and if they work.

Night Time Traffic

Should we Mourn the Daily Commute? What Did it do to Mental Health?

As staff are battling not to return tot he office after lockdown, we review the mental health impacts of commuting and ask how this has a very real effect on the wellbeing of clients (as well as ourselves).