Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

We work hard to ensure that students receive a quality experience and we are proud of the work that the school does. On occasion though, this might not happen. In this document we lay out how the School of Applied Mental Health responds to feedback and complaints.

Through our complaints procedure, we aim to:

  • Respond promptly and in a professional, respectful and supportive way to any complaints submitted
  • Learn from any complaints and strive to always take opportunities to improve our service
  • Review our complaints process annually to ensure it remains suitable and as user friendly as possible

Please note that as we are based in the United Kingdom, we are subject to UK laws and jurisdiction which means any complaints brought against us can only be done so in the UK.


How to make a complaint

To submit a formal complaint (not just negative feedback), we do require the following from individuals:

  • Submit the complaint and any additional supporting detail in writing through our contact us form or direct email address. Our postal address can be provided on request.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient information for us to understand the issue, what has happened and what the complaint relates to
  • Provide name and contact information. For those who wish to remain anonymous it is unlikely that we will be able to investigate or respond to the complaint
  • Understanding the difference between feedback and a formal complaint and the process it will trigger
  • If relevant, information on how the complaint could potentially be resolved
  • Agree to be contacted for us to help understand and resolve the complaint


How will we respond

Once we have received a complaint we will:

  • Respond as quickly as is practicable firstly to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, then later to investigate or resolve the issue
  • Normally respond using the same communication method via which the complaint has been made
  • Be courteous and respectful
  • Listen carefully to your complaint and any supporting information provided
  • Keep appropriate records of any complaints received along with their resolution. We do so in order to monitor for any recurring themes, opportunities for improvement or if required by our insurance or data protection regulators

Please note that although we are fully committed to continuous improvement and resolving complaints:

  • We cannot respond to anything that is made anonymously or if contact information is not provided or is inaccurate
  • If it is not directly related to the School of Applied Mental Health we are not obliged to respond or follow the complaints procedure, although we may choose to at our discretion
  • We can only pursue a complaint to a reasonable level
  • We aim to resolve any complaint however this is not always possible